Saniflo UK Head of Marketing and Product Management, Ann Boardman, shares her thoughts 
about the impact of COVID-19 on the bathroom sector and options to aid its recovery. 

At the time of writing this, we find ourselves in the most challenging situation of COVID-19. No one really knows how long the situation and its repercussions will last and what the overall impact will be, but the news pages are full of stories talking of a catastrophic recession. So far in the UK, statistics have highlighted a resurgence in the housing market and prices have increased as opposed to declining by 13%, as predicted. 

It’s not the first time I’ve lived through a recession while working in the bathroom sector. I remember the KBB industry back in 2008. I also remember how we came through it. We didn’t give up. Our efforts were not in vain and the KBB sector made a great recovery. And now it’s time, once again, for us to turn our attention to ensuring we recover the KBB sector as swiftly as possible.

According to industry reports the DIY, bathroom, and kitchen retail sector will bounce back strongly thanks to pent-up demand from savvy home owners that want to make improvements. As installers, you have a great opportunity to make any wet area improvements a smooth transition for your customers, while saving them time and money.

In the bathroom, for example, by recommending a shower cubicle rather than any other form of showering, you’ll be future-proofing your customers’ bathrooms, which will make any future sale or rental of the property more attractive in the future.

Not only are some shower cubicles – such as the Kinedo range – inclusively designed for multigenerational living, but they’re also designed with safety and style in mind. Today, you can find a shower cubicle to suit every type of property.

Shower cubicles are, for sure, the best option for timber-framed properties. Designed to be leak-free, shower cubicles offer peace of mind against undetected leaks that can damage the integrity of a timber-framed property.

As they’re quick and easy to install – in and ready for use on the same day – builders and plumbers can save time (and therefore money), and reduce the hassle factor of installing a new bathroom for their customer simply by opting for a reputable shower cubicle.

We know that many bathroom installers love shower cubicles, whether they’re working on a newbuild or a refurbishment. The fact that no tiling or grout is required means jobs are completed faster with less mess and hassle, resulting in higher profit margins and happy customers. 

Shower cubicles have certainly become more popular in recent years, and the best designers and manufacturers continually innovate to bring a model for every application imaginable, at an affordable price. 

If shower cubicles are not an option for you, then consider a shower enclosure range designed using the same principles as shower cubicles so that they are easy to install and that feature on-trend designs. 

During these challenging times, we’re still on hand to answer any questions you might have. By working together now, our chances of a swift recovery are greater.