Lee Moio has developed three new products to meet some of the challenges he has encountered during his 20+ years on the tools as a heating engineer.

The Just Dose It Funnel enables easy, mess-free central heating dosing via a radiator. Just Dose It screws in within a few seconds and prevents fluid spills when pouring inhibitor into the towel rail.

Water spills on boiler electronics are a common problem, and the PCB Guard is designed to protect boiler PCBs from water contamination while working on boilers, using cleverly placed flaps and straps that secure to the boiler's electronics.

Heatlab has also introduced new plumbing and heating bungs. Unlike some other bungs, the Heatlab bungs fit and cap both 15mm and 22mm open vents and, most importantly, are designed to seal and not fall out.

Lee Moio said: "With over 20 years of experience in the heating industry, I've decided to create the Heatlab brand, featuring products that 'scratch my own itches' and solve problems I have personally faced while working on boilers and heating systems."

"Two additional products are planned to join the range later this year."


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