Recognising the important role the installer will play in transforming Britain’s heating, the HPA seeks to give them influence as the industry embarks on an exciting journey of unprecedented growth. The HPA wants to hear from installers about quality, training, certification, accreditation, competencies, customer service, and their perspective on how to ensure the rapid rise in heat pump sales takes place in a way that gives the consumer confidence and affordability. It will also seek to expand its membership benefit offerings to installers following feedback from early-joiners.

The HPA has also set up a dedicated forum for heat pump installers where they can air their views and help shape the HPA’s policy on a range of key issues affecting the industry.

In addition, the HPA's new document Transforming Britain’s Heating – A Pathway to Heat Pumps presents four key pillars highlighting the way in which industry and government can work together to transform Britain's heating.

These pillars are:

  • Creating a highly skilled heat pump installer workforce
  • A long term predictable policy framework for home heating
  • Marketing development and reform
  • Financing the transition.

Phil Hurley, the HPA Chair, said: “Heating installers will play a major role in delivering the transition to heat pumps and mentoring younger installers to become the workforce of the future. Training courses, qualifications, support schemes, apprenticeships, and clear requirements for installers will all feature in creating a high-skill heat pump installer workforce.

“By the end of the decade, one million heat pump installations per year and a £5bn market could be a very real prospect – but only if we carry and support the installer. The HPA wants to give them a voice and real influence. Today’s 130,000+ heating installers and young people embarking on apprenticeships will make a significant contribution to the government’s wish to see 480,000 high-skilled jobs powering the Green Industrial Revolution. The HPA wants to give every installer the best chance of playing a part.”

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