The new Grundfos Alpha 3 range has landed, and Pump Sales Direct is pleased to announce that these domestic circulator pumps will soon be available from their website.

Pump Sales Direct and Grundfos

Pump Sales Direct is delighted to be able to offer the entire Grundfos range, soon to be including the brand new energy-efficient Alpha 3. These industry-leading domestic circulators are EuP-compliant and highly energy-efficient and feature permanent magnetic motor technology.

Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, with over 16 million units produced annually. Both innovative and sustainable in its philosophy, Grundfos is a global market leader in advanced pump solutions.

Pump Sales Direct offers a cost-effective, fast and efficient service, making it an ideal one-stop solution for domestic and industrial pumps.

The Grundfos Alpha 3: Redefining the Domestic Circulator

Grundfos is a leading name in domestic circulator manufacture, but with the the new Alpha 3 pump they have re-defined what the Alpha range is capable of. For the modern energy-conscious household, this is the ideal solution - packed with features to reduce heating bills and conserve energy for the sustainable home.

With a  leading energy-efficiency index of a remarkable 0.15, this is the most energy-efficient domestic circulator on the market. And it raises the bar for reliability and efficiency, too - this flexible solution will deliver results even in the toughest systems.

Thanks to onboard energy-use sensoring and analysis, the Alpha 3 will reduce its power intake to just 3W when demand is low - that’s a stunning 87% energy saving over a regular pump.

Introducing the Alpha Reader and Grundfos Go - Energy-Efficiency the Smart Way

The Alpha Reader combines with the Grundfos Go app to deliver a quick and easy way to deliver energy-efficiency and savings through hydronic balancing. The Grundfos Go can be downloaded for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets for a completely portable solution to the once problematic issue of hydronically balancing a heating system.

The Alpha Reader works by reading information from the Alpha 3, which it transmits from a built-in light sensor. It then communicates that information via Bluetooth directly to the Grundfos Go app. In four simple smart steps, the Go app guides the installer through the process of balancing.

Once again, Grundfos has developed pump technology that goes further and does more than many other devices. It's a class-leading solution, and both the installer and the homeownmarketer benefit as a result of the time and money saved, as the app quickly and efficiently does all the complex calculations involved in seconds.

Why is balancing important? By correctly balancing an underfloor or radiator-based heating system, the average household can expect up to a 20% saving on their annual heating spend. With a lower return temperature and less noise in the system, balancing has other benefits, too. And once the installation is complete, the installer can simply remove the Alpha Reader from the Alpha 3 and take it to the next installation.

Benefits and Features of the Alpha 3

Grundfos has a well-deserved reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality, robust and reliable pump technology. The Alpha 3 can be utilised for single or dual pipe systems, plus those with either constant or varying flow. It is also suitable for use with underfloor heating.

The Alpha Reader can only be used together with the Alpha 3 domestic circulator in a two-pipe radiator system. Efficient, energy saving and reliable, Grundfos have broken new ground with the innovative Alpha 3, Alpha Reader and the Grundfos app.

Coming soon to Pump Sales Direct.