Grant UK’s oil boiler range currently features 63 models across their internal, external, floorstanding, wall-hung, boiler house, and combi sub-ranges. The company has made the decision to consolidate its Vortex yellow-flame boiler models to streamline the offering for customers, making the stocking of product much easier for merchants and making the ordering of product more straightforward for installers. The range consolidation will come into effect on 1 July 2022.

In total, 20 of the current Vortex Pro internal, Pro outdoor, Pro system, and Boiler House models are being consolidated down to 10 new models. For example, Grant UK currently has a Vortex Pro Utility 15-21kW and a Vortex Pro Utility 15-26kW but, from 1 July 2022, these two models will be consolidated into one model which will be a Vortex 15-26kW. The range of heating outputs available in the Pro range will remain the same, so installers will still have the choice and flexibility that they expect from Grant oil boilers.

The range consolidation is not affecting all Grant boilers and the following models will remain unchanged: all Vortex Combi models (internal and external); all Vortex Eco floor-standing models (utility, external, and system); Vortex Eco Wall Hung 16-21kW models (internal, external, and system); and all VortexBlue blue flame models. In addition, the 12-16kW Vortex Eco Wall Hung models (internal, external, and system) are being discontinued.

“The streamlining of our Vortex yellow-flame oil boiler range follows many discussions here at Grant,” said Paul Wakefield, Managing Director at Grant UK.

“We have always strived to give our customers choice when it comes to Grant products which has resulted in the exciting growth of our product portfolio and it is one of the reasons why we developed 63 oil boiler models. However, we have identified that we can still deliver this choice to our customers while reducing the number of boiler models we supply. The Vortex consolidation will still provide customers with models with outputs ranging from 15kW up to 70kW and the consolidated boilers will be the same trusted Vortex technology that installers know and love.”

To summarise this range consolidation, Grant UK has produced a useful download which details the Vortex models currently available alongside their new consolidated, equivalent models. This can be downloaded from

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