This month’s step by step guide features the installation of a Grant Aerona3 air source heat pump into a prestigious development in Wiltshire.

Renewable energy was chosen for this property’s heating system, coupled with high levels of insulation to meet and exceed Building Regulation standards. It is a prestigious development, with sustainability playing a major part in the design. 

A 6kW Aerona3 inverter driven air source heat pump was installed along with a Grant Monowave 250l cylinder, specifically designed to complement the heat pump and increase the system’s overall efficiency. Downstairs, the property has been fitted with underfloor heating, with radiators upstairs. 

The Aerona3, available in outputs from 6kW to 16kW, incorporates a number of features which enable it to be extremely efficient, even when external temperatures drop to -20°C. MCS-approved, these heat pumps not only deliver greener home heating for householders, but are also user-friendly for engineers to install and maintain. 

The Grant Aerona3 comes with flexi hoses, valves, controller, and built-in circulating pump as standard, factory-fitted components.

Monobloc in design, the Aerona³ is suitable for use with S-Plan systems and is easy to work with for installation and maintenance. The simplified electrics, consisting of a three-core cable for the wiring centre and a two-core flex for the controller, also make for a straightforward installation. 

Furthermore, the Aerona³ incorporates an integrated HE pump, which saves time and space. By not having to add an external pump, the plumber saves time on the pipework and the electrician saves time because there is no need to wire in an external pump. 

The Aerona3’s fans run at low speeds and this, coupled with the unit’s insulation, means it has significantly reduced noise levels. Although the performance of a heat pump is affected by the outside air temperature, the product has a weather compensating device, which enables it to accurately measure the indoor and outdoor air temperatures and adjust its operation, maximising efficiency.

Furthermore, the entire Aerona3 range is moving to R32 refrigerant, in response to the growing demand for products which have a lower impact on the environment.

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing the Grant Aerona3 air source heat pump:

  1. The heat pump base is laid and anti-vibration feet are put into position, before the heat pump is bolted on to the feet.
  2. A 250l Grant MonoWave heat pump cylinder is plumbed in.
  3. Pipework is installed externally, and flexi hoses are connected to the heat pump.
  4. Wiring connections are made and tested by the electrician.
  5. Pipework is lagged to protect against heat loss.
  6. The pipework is filled with glycol to prevent freezing and that’s it, job done!

Keep an eye out for the HVP February issue for our next in-depth installation guide.