Graham Plumbers’ Merchant has announced its sponsorship of the 2018 Women Installers Together Conference, run by Stopcocks Women Plumbers.

The event, taking place on 4 July, will include guest speakers, training and the chance to talk to representatives from many top industry brands. Last year, one of the biggest issues raised was the isolation women experience within the plumbing industry.

The conference aims to directly address this issue by providing opportunities for networking, helping tradeswomen to gain confidence in their work, and encouraging them on their route to success.

Sam Canfield, Marketing Manager at Graham, said: “Encouraging women to enter into careers within the construction sector has never been more important. As such we are delighted to sponsor Stopcocks’ Women Installers Together Conference this year, recognising the work it is doing to encourage women into plumbing and proving, with great success, that the industry should not be male-dominated. The exciting event is set to build on the precedent set by the first conference last year by bringing together tradeswomen from all over the country.”

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