With World Plumbing Day set for 11 March, CIPHE is urging plumbers across the world to celebrate the role plumbing plays in all our lives

While many in the UK take their domestic plumbing systems for granted until something goes wrong, some 40% of the world's population does not have access to proper sanitation, a working sewerage system or wholesome drinking water.

Meanwhile, almost one-fifth of the world's population currently lives in an area of water scarcity, with a further 500 million expected to follow. The Second UN World Water Development Report expects that, by 2025, two-thirds of the global population will live in an area of water scarcity.

Each year on 11th March, World Plumbing Day invites plumbing professionals from across the world to celebrate the importance of plumbing and also how far the UK has come in regards to safe water, sanitation and water conservation. It also highlights, however, how much work there is still left to do on a global level.

In the UK in particular, plumbers are on the front line in the fight to conserve water, while also keeping safe our families and the environment we live in.

This is why the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE), is making a call to action on World Plumbing Day for the industry to take forward the following ethos, to help make the plumbing world a better and safer place for all:

  • Ensure all customers, and especially the vulnerable, are protected from rogue plumbers and heating engineers

  • Equip plumbers and heating engineers with skills and support to deliver safe and high quality work in the home

  • Strengthen the education route from apprentice to professional in the plumbing and heating industries

  • Raise the profile of plumbing and heating as an attractive career path for school leavers and those looking to change careers (e.g. ex-service personnel)

  • Promote safe plumbing and heating systems and minimise problems such as Legionnaires' Disease and hot water scalding.

CIPHE chief executive Officer Kevin Wellman said: "Events such as World Plumbing Day not only highlight the fact that many parts of the world still suffer immensely from the consequence of lack of access to basic plumbing systems, but also remind us of the work that there is still to be done here in the UK.

"The threat of a global water shortage makes water conservation an industry-wide priority. We also need to take further steps to reduce those being harmed by unsafe practices and unscrupulous installers.

"Most importantly, the industry needs to attract the next generation of skilled, knowledgeable, passionate and qualified plumbers, through a world-class apprenticeship system. These things are achievable and we are calling on the whole industry to work with us to accomplish it together."

Are you planning to celebrate World Plumbing Day? If so, get in touch with HVP and let us know how you will be marking the event.