Geberit FlowFit is the manufacturer’s biggest product launch to the UK in recent years and will combine the versatility of its multi-layer piping system together with the installation benefits of its press-fit method.

FlowFit is suitable for both potable water and heating applications. The pipe consists of three layers, a central aluminium layer which makes the pipe strong yet flexible, with a plastic (PE-RT) layer either side of this to prevent corrosion and ensure a smooth internal bore.

As well as the versatility offered by multi-layer piping systems, Geberit FlowFit also incorporates press-fit technology, offering project teams efficiencies and time savings across jobs.

Available in eight dimensions with only two pressing jaws required for the entire range, constant tool changes are now a thing of the past. Designed to be intuitive to use, FlowFit fittings and jaws are colour-coded to indicate which tool should be used. Once pressed, the pressing indicator detaches from the fitting, meaning any unpressed fittings are immediately visible.

FlowFit also marks a huge step in the manufacturer’s sustainability journey, Geberit says. The manufacturer has developed new facilities with injection moulding technologies at the manufacturing stage to reduce energy intensity and cut journeys throughout production processes to help minimise carbon footprint of the new product. In addition, the manufacturer has also incorporated a bag to collect discarded pressing indicators into the design process for the first time to make it simpler for teams to return plastic parts and reduce waste on-site.

Peter Davis, Product and Marketing Director at Geberit, said: “Geberit FlowFit represents a major breakthrough in piping technology and we are excited to bring this innovative system to market. We focused on perfecting the installation process and combining this with our innovative press fit technology. The result is something we’re incredibly proud of and represents years of innovation and collaboration.”

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