The Gas Safety Trust (GST) has awarded £1 million in research grants for a range of activities relating to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning since 2013.

The Trust, which was set up in 2005, has in recent years refocused its strategy on funding research and data collection, which will provide the underpinning empirical evidence that supports improved awareness and understanding. 

Projects commissioned include studies involving the fire and rescue services, paramedics, coroners, midwives and GPs as well as looking at the effect of environmental measures on CO poisoning and understanding the physical and biochemical characteristics of CO.

Most recently the Trust agreed to co-fund a PhD at Cranfield University that will examine the physical characteristics of CO produced by burning different types of solid fuel as well as a short study at Newcastle University that will evaluate the potential of a particular enzyme as a biomarker of CO exposure in the investigation of CO poisoning where fatalities occur.

The Trust also confirmed that it has reappointed Energy Networks Association (ENA) to manage its activities for a further three years. ENA has looked after the Trust since 2013.

GST chair, Chris Bielby said:

“I am delighted by the inroads we have made in commissioning research focused on underpinning empirical evidence that will allow us to make sound judgement decisions on how to improve awareness and understanding of CO.”