The Gas Safety Trust (GST) has launched its 2018 call for grant applications, inviting applications from researchers and academics related to prevention and better understanding of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Since 2013 GST has awarded £1.8 million to a range of gas safety programmes and projects, recently refocusing its strategy on funding several strands of CO related research to provide empirical evidence that supports improved awareness and understanding of the effects of CO.

Current research involves the Trust working with a range of medical and academic personnel from various areas, including victims of CO poisoning, emergency services, coroners, and low income households. One project is looking at novel biomarkers in order to understand the physical and biochemical characteristics of CO.

Chris Bielby, Chairman of the GST, said: “GST has been pleased to have been able to support a number of important projects relating to gas safety and CO. We will continue to fund research looking at both lethal and sub-lethal CO exposure and ways to improve CO data collection and analysis, as we know that strong data will help successfully influence behaviour surrounding CO.”

The Trust looks forward to receiving applications by Friday 12 October 2018, that address (but not limited to) the following areas of focus:

The possible link between CO and neurological conditions

  • CO exposure risks to pregnant women and the foetus.
  • CO in the leisure environment
  • CO emissions from solid fuels.