Installers will soon be able give their customers the option of independent finance to cover the cost of new boiler installation through Gas App UK, the company has announced.

From the end of January, Gas App UK will be offering independent finance to all of its registered members.

From within the app, engineers will get an instant decision to determine whether their customer is eligible for finance. If so, the engineer can complete the sale, secure the money and, within 72 hours, get paid on the completed job.

Ant Provan, Director at Gas App UK, said: "In my days on the tools, I lost out on quite a bit of business to the mainstream corporates with deep pockets because I couldn’t offer a finance facility. And it wasn’t just me. I know a lot of independent engineers doing an amazing job who are losing business due to this financing issue, when they shouldn’t have to.

"That’s why I have spent the last six months at Gas App UK trying to solve this issue for our members."

The finance offered by the firm is 100% independent, meaning that engineers have the freedom of choice to buy whatever boiler they want to fit for their customer. The company says the aim of the scheme is to ensure the customer gets the finance they need, and the engineer gets to work with the boilers they know and trust.