The UK Living Wage, a voluntary commitment supported by the Living Wage Foundation, is currently set at £9.90 per hour for employees. The current minimum pay rate rate for apprentices in the UK is set at £4.81, by comparison. 

The traineeship will employ four trainees in its first cohort, of any age, selected via aptitude and personality tests rather than academic qualification. It aims to recruit people with an interest in practical work, with or without experience, who are passionate about combatting climate change.

Although the scheme will be open to all, Your Energy Your Way hopes that by tearing down some of the traditional barriers to entry in the industry, such a low entry level wages and a lack of prior experience, the traineeship will attract applications from women, who are typically under-represented in the heating and plumbing sector.

Leah Robson, Managing Director at Your Energy Your Way, said: “Working in the renewables sector for 10 years, on building sites, commercial sites, and in peoples’ homes, I am astonished how rarely I meet a fellow female tradesperson. Women on-site are invariably clients, cleaners, architects, or interior designers.

“We think that part of the reason is a wider issue of how difficult it is for anyone to get the work experience required to get into this industry. It is especially difficult for women. As a result, we want to take on four trainees, targeting mainly women, to give them the opportunity to be paid a reasonable wage as they train and learn about the industry. This training will be both on the tools and in the office.”

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