Vogue (UK) has launched Harmonique Duo: a new dual-purpose heating design, which combines a towel warmer with heated fold-out shelf and integrated flat-panel radiator.

Specially designed to help maximise both the heat and storage potential of bathrooms, the new Harmonique Duo by Vogue (UK) is a space-saving heating design.

A sister model to the company’s Harmonique MD060 Towel Rail, the new Harmonique Duo by Vogue (UK) is made from mild steel and is available in a range of heat options, compatible with central heating, dual fuel, and electric-only systems. Designed in two widths – 500mm and 600mm.

Designed with chrome tubing and a hand-painted white inset flat-panel radiator, the new Harmonique Duo combines the practical nature of towel drying and storage alongside a high heat output radiator, so users can ensure the ideal room temperature. The Harmonique Duo is also designed to maintain maximum heat output when the shelf is fully extended and when flush, heating of the shelf is reduced.

“As the property market slowly recovers, the desire to move or improve is driving trends towards quick home updates and we are finding the addition of a dual-purpose heating solution is a great way to introduce an element of practical luxury to the bathroom.

"You also have the ability to customise the colour option of our new Harmonique Duo inset radiator, meaning it can be designed in your preferred RAL colour to make a bold design statement or seamlessly blend with an existing colour scheme,” said Steve Birch, Sales Director at Vogue (UK).