Flexigas has announced the launch of the FGLink adapter range, capable of converting any FlowFlex fitting to a Flexigas fitting in seconds, the company says.

The patent-pending FGLink system makes Flexigas the only CSST system on the market that’s truly compatible with a wide range of readily available brass compression fittings, according to Flexigas.

In partnership with FlowFlex, the FGLink has been specifically designed to fit Flowflex brass fittings up to DN40, including T-joints, elbows, and compressions. The Flexigas FGLink allows multiple lengths of CSST or copper to be joined easily and quickly on the same fitting.

FlowFlex fittings are manufactured to BS EN1254, and FlowFlex fittings with the FGLink have EN 15266 certification (when assembled by a certified installer or merchant).