Professional plumbers are always focused on delivering the best results for their customers. To do that, their choice of materials is critical – and plastic pipe and fittings are increasingly being selected instead of copper alternatives.

With constant innovation driving the improved performance and reliability of plastic, let’s explore some of the main reasons why professionals are increasingly choosing plastic over copper.

Performance and durability

To underpin long-term performance, plastic is a great choice. As it doesn’t oxidize or corrode when used with water and air, it’s less susceptible to pitting, where small holes in the pipe wall develop over its lifetime. In practice, this can elevate efficiency and reduce the potential for leaks.

Where heating systems are concerned, air ingress can be a big challenge. The natural expansion and contraction of metal can make systems prone to air ingress, but this can be avoided with plastic. PEX and polybutylene barrier pipe from JG Speedfit feature an innovative oxygen barrier which prevents air ingress, while also reducing noise as water passes through the system.

Hassle-free installation

With no tools required to install plastic pipe and fittings, plastic can be more practical and easier to install – especially in hard to access places. Plastic push-fit connections reliably deliver tight, leak-free seals, and can even be demounted and reconnected easily – all without the need to solder.

The flexible nature of plastic also means that pipes are more flexible than copper alternatives, unlocking a series of benefits. 

Cabling through joists and partitions in retrofit applications is made much simpler, while the flexible qualities of plastic also make it less susceptible to fractures in freezing conditions.

Cost effective and future-proof

The benefits of plastic don’t end there, either. While the total material cost is similar to copper (with plastic pipe typically being cheaper, but fittings being more expensive), installers can realise savings with quicker, easier installations. This means more jobs can be tackled in a day, with plastic pipe and fittings underpinning consistently high quality installations. 

This winning combination will make for happy customers for years to come. 

With an eye on the future, plastic is also helping to fulfil the demand for underfloor heating, making it the go-to heating system for newbuild properties and renovation projects. The piping loops required for UFH systems can only be achieved using plastic pipe, putting plastic in pole position as we create effective and reliable plumbing and heating systems to future-proof our homes.

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