E.ON has announced the reduction of its standard gas price by 5.1% from 1 February.

All four E.ON dual fuel tariffs will be reduced in price as a result of the changes announced on 20 January, including an Age UK tariff exclusive to people 60 or over.

The reduction is equivalent to 3 weeks' gas use or £32 off an annual gas bill, says the company.

The £6m E.ON Energy Fund offers further support to vulnerable people with grants worth over £1.5m provided to more than 2,500 households in the nine months since it was set up. Eligible pensioners, families, people with disabilities or sickness, and those on low incomes can apply for help with the payment of energy debt and the provision or replacement of white goods and gas boilers. The E.ON Energy Fund is open to all energy customers, regardless of their supplier.

E.ON has also launched what it claims is Britain’s cheapest energy tariff, a one year dual fuel fixed product that is available now and is open to new and existing customers alike. E.ON's residential customers can switch between E.ON products without paying an exit fee.