Firebird’s Enviromax has been a leading oil fired boiler brand for many years, with quality, reliability and high efficiency being key features of their comprehensive oil boiler range.

A new ‘baby’ Enviromax has recently been introduced to their range giving more flexibility and choice for the installer. The Enviromax C12-18kW is available in three models - kitchen, boiler house and external heatpac.

A striking advantage of the Enviromax C12-18kW is its compact size with a width of just 345mm (kitchen model) and 24 litre water content. This makes it perfect for tight spaces, allowing better access and easier handling for the installer and – in common with all standard Enviromax boilers – comes with four BSP tappings allowing the installer to retrofit a new Enviromax replacement boiler without the need for a major pipework alteration. Also as the C12-18kW model can be range set^ between 12-18kW, selection of this smaller unit is a useful energy efficient option and can be ideal for properties with high insulation qualities with low heat loss, or for homes with underfloor heating systems.

The Enviromax C12-18kW boiler has a 92.3% seasonal efficiency* making it one of the most energy efficient boilers in its class. It features the popular Riello RDB burner with advanced digital control box technology providing fault diagnostics and performance monitoring facilities for the service engineer.

The new Enviromax C12-18kW (kitchen model) also features the recently added digital control panel available on all Enviromax kitchen and system boilers up to 35kW output. This advanced control has allowed Firebird to add anti-cycling, frost protection, pump overrun and recorded hours of operation facilities which are displayed on an illuminated LCD panel. It gives the end users more precise control over boiler settings and enables them to easily view boiler performance and temperature.