Intelliserve has announced that its field service management software is now free for business owners with fewer than five staff.

The Intelliserve app works on desktops, laptops, mobile, and tablet devices, and allows companies to manage jobs, create custom checklists, and generate quotes and invoices. The app also supports location tracking and automated customer messaging.

Dino Lolli, Director at Intelliserve, said: "We have decided to make our app free to small businesses of five users or more. Several years in this industry has taught us that smaller tradesmen could really benefit from a tool to help them organise their workflow and their staff. These same tradesmen are often unable to afford such a tool. The standard 14 day trial doesn't really allow these businesses to see the full benefit an automated system can bring.

"Of the smaller tradesmen we have on our system, we find that it is like a light has turned on when they discover how much time they can save when they don't need to manually create job cards, quotes, and invoices anymore but can simply convert from one to the other instantly.

"Given the fact that most smaller businesses providing an on-site service will really struggle over the short to medium term given the effect of coronavirus on the economy, we have decided to make the system completely free to them. Our hope is that with a proper system in place, these companies will become more profitable or, if nothing else, that we can save them time on their day-to-day admin."

To find out more about Intelliserve and sign up, click here.