In cooperation with Milwaukee, a manufacturer of portable power tools, Uponor has developed new Q&E Rapid Seal Heads, and redesigned its Q&E expander tool M12 Fuel for PEX pipes.

The new equipment also improves Uponor’s 'Quick & Easy' (Q&E) installation process for PEX pipe connections. The result is a faster, more reliable, and more cost-efficient Q&E installation, according to the company.

The redesigned Uponor Q&E expander tool M12 Fuel features a brushless motor, allowing for a pipe expansion that is up to 20% faster than before. The tool’s ergonomic design ensures safe and easy handling, even when operating with just one hand. Its new lithium-ion batteries provide longer run times, especially in colder temperatures. M12 Fuel is suitable for expanding Uponor PEX pipes with a diameter of up to 32mm.

The new accompanying Uponor Q&E Rapid Seal Heads drastically reduce the time to pressure test. Their optimised design ensures an up to 60% faster sealing connection of the Uponor PEX pipes and the corresponding Q&E fittings, even in cold temperatures.  At the same time, their auto-rotation feature ensures that the pipe expands and seals evenly.

The Uponor Q&E Rapid Seal heads are available for use with PEX pipe dimensions 9.9, 16, 20, 25 and 32mm, and are also compatible with existing Uponor M12 and M18 expansion tools to further enhance their sealing performance.

Uponor’s Q&E Shrink-fit installation process provides installers with a connection to a wide range of compatible fittings. The installation process is simple.

First, cut the pipe perpendicular to its length and add the Evolution expansion ring. Second, using the Uponor Q&E Rapid Seal Heads and the Q&E expander tool M12 Fuel, expand the pipe end and the expansion ring. Finally, insert the Q&E fitting into the expanded pipe end. Due to its memory effect, the Uponor PEX pipe will then shrink back to its original shape around the fitting, ensuring a powerful seal. The Q&E installation process is suitable for drinking water, heating, and cooling solutions.

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