Migrating MultiMaster over to AMPShare will enable FEIN to continue keeping its primary focus on developing  power tools that provide efficient solutions for end-users, across the construction, trades and metalworking sectors.

The AMPShare battery platform will complement FEIN’s MultiMaster by ensuring high performance, due to an enhanced power source, enabling the tool to operate at maximum efficiency.

Andy Mills, Managing Director of FEIN UK, commented: “This is an incredibly exciting move for us, which will strengthen our 18V cordless portfolio. We understand that our end users want the freedom to choose the best tool for the job, rather than being tied into a single manufacturer’s battery platform. By making our original multi-tool available on the AMPShare platform, we are opening this product up to 60 million+ batteries on the market.

“It also means we can get back to doing what we do best, which is focusing on developing the next generation of power tools to revolutionise the way those across the construction, trades and metalworking sectors work.”

Launching this September globally, AMPShare will power the 18V MultiMaster 500 and 700 series. The MultiMaster family continues to be compatible with a total of 180 accessories, enabling end users to complete a range of jobs with just one tool.

The MultiMaster series has the ability to saw wood, metal and plastics, while also cutting out tiles, silicone joints and carpets rapidly to precision, and removing adhesive residues and tile adhesive, using Starlock and Starlock plus accessories.

The 700 series is FEIN’s most powerful multi-tool and is designed for the toughest requirements. It comes in various packages, including up to 60 accessories, making it suitable for all levels of the construction process and everyone from general builders and roofers, to plumbers, carpenters and electricians. It’s also compatible with Starlock, Starlock plus, and Starlock Max accessories.

Andy concluded: “The strategic decision to open up the MultiMaster to the AMPShare battery platform is an extremely important step for us. FEIN has always attached great value to high quality and safe power tools with a long service life. This is the very reason we went looking for the leading battery platform available – which we found in AMPShare.”


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