Matt Carter, UK Controls Product Manager at Baxi, explores the real benefits of smart technology in terms of remote control and efficiency.

Heating controls are an important aspect of any heating system, helping consumers to manage and maintain comfort levels in a property, as well as efficiency. 

Technology, however, has advanced considerably over the last decade alone and, while the basic principles of heating controls remain, new technology does mean there is greater appeal to a wider audience – with solutions to meet every need. 

The benefit of new smart control systems is that they allow much closer management of heating needs, pulling metrics from the householder’s system directly into their mobile device while they are on the go. 

As a result, it is now possible to analyse system performance to levels that may not have been possible even a decade ago. This ability to adjust schedules and temperatures remotely also means that householders can improve efficiency and, crucially, improve comfort levels, ensuring the home is the optimum temperature when they return.

Indeed, smart controls are revolutionising the way customers interact with their heating system, with smart room thermostats allowing householders to control their heating via their smartphone or tablet, from anywhere. 

By allowing customers to adjust their heating needs around their lifestyle and track energy use through easily downloadable apps, these smart controls can ensure reduced heating bills and best possible efficiency.

This increased efficiency is even more important since the introduction of Boiler Plus, which brought in additional measures that need to be met when installing a boiler into an existing dwelling in England. 

Under Boiler Plus, these new gas boilers must be a minimum of 92% efficient and include a time and temperature control. As such, a smart room thermostat, with the responsiveness and level of control it allows, is an excellent way to adhere to Boiler Plus regulations.

Furthermore, where combi boilers are concerned, Boiler Plus regulations require they be fitted with either a flue gas heat recovery device, weather compensation, load compensation, or a smart thermostat with automation and optimisation. Smart controls can assist in this situation.