The ATMOS Wall is an energy efficient whole house ventilation unit, which is designed to introduce fresh, filtered air throughout the living space to transform a stagnant and stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy and condensation-free environment.

Rory Percival, Product Director at EnviroVent, said: “The ATMOS range has been hugely popular with homeowners, landlords and tenants since it was launched five years ago and now, with the addition of ATMOS WALL, we have a new solution for flats and apartments. Homeowners are increasingly aware of the importance of indoor air quality and good ventilation in the home and the ATMOS range offers a variety of solutions to suit all types and sizes of property.”

The benefits of an ATMOS home ventilation system are that it reduces or eliminates condensation and damp, reduces pollutants and allergens, eliminates mould growth, stops musty odours and can help ease symptoms of asthma. ATMOS also reduces Radon levels in affected properties.

ATMOS is a smart range of PIV solutions with six different units available, designed to improve indoor air quality and eradicate the problem of condensation and mould growth in all types and sizes of homes.  Alongside ATMOS WALL, the range also includes:

  • ATMOS the original unit that is ideally suited for use in the loft space. It gently ventilates the home, providing air to a central position on a landing 
  • ATMOS Air offers all these benefits and also draws in cooler air from outside if the loft temperature hits 25oC
  • ATMOS Dual is designed for homes that need help dealing with condensation and mould throughout several rooms, even when the rooms are not connected to the central hallway
  • ATMOS Air Dual offers all the benefits of the Atmos Dual and also draws in cooler air from outside if the loft temperature hits 25oC.
  • ATMOS INLINE units are designed for properties with air restricted loft spaces to draw fresh air from outside throughout the year.

All products within the ATMOS range, including ATMOS® WALL, come with a 10 year warranty. The unit can also be bought supply only.

The ATMOS range is available with the myenvirovent app, which gives the homeowner complete control of their ventilation system. The app, accessed via most smartphones, can be used to adjust boost functionality, airflow, comfort heater and control summer mode, as well as monitoring filter performance. 

Part of EnviroVent’s Lifetime Range, the ATMOS products have been designed with sustainable components that can easily be replaced or recycled.

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