With World Water Day just around the corner, Bristan is reminding installers of the importance of encouraging their customers to make the water-saving choice.

World Water Day, held on 22 March, was founded by the United Nations in 1993 as a means of focussing attention on the world’s water crisis – and the 783 million people who still lack safe drinking water.

While the majority of the focus on World Water Day will remain on water safety issues in other continents, Bristan is urging the industry not to forget that there are still issues to tackle closer to home.

Hayley Holland, marketing manager for trade at Bristan, comments: “Unfortunately, as a nation, we still tend to take our water supply for granted. As perhaps one of the least-considered natural resources, it is all too easy to turn on the tap and forget about the consequences.

“Yet, while some parts of England are still suffering from the worst drought in several decades, at the same time, one third of the water that we use in our homes is literally flushed down the toilet every day.”

There are now numerous stylish products on the market which can help customers save water and, in turn, money. This includes a number of taps and showers with integrated eco-features to help consumers reduce the amount of water they waste in the home; all while maintaining an invigorating performance.

“When it comes to taking the water-saving option, there can be a misconception that it will result in a much lesser water flow and therefore a poorer showering or bathing experience,” explained Ms Holland.

“It’s really about educating the public and giving them the choice. Therefore, as we look ahead to World Water Day, it’s important that, as an industry, we continue to actively promote the importance of water saving and the choice of water-saving innovations now available to meet the needs of all consumer profiles.”