The Future of Heat returns in this issue, once again explaining the current lay of the land when it comes to future heating technologies. We have refreshed the design of the publication for this inclusion, and crammed this edition full of useful content to help you understand what the future of heat is likely to mean to you, the heating engineer.

Over a year has passed since its last inclusion in HVP, and we’ve seen some significant upheaval over that period (not least two new Prime Ministers!). For one, the cost of living crisis has brought energy prices sharply into focus, leading consumers to become more interested in learning about ways they can reduce their energy costs.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme fully came into force in May 2022, and although it’s questionable whether it can be considered a success, it has at least helped drag heat pump technology into the mainstream. There arguably is a much bigger buzz around heat pumps than a year ago, for instance, with schemes such as the Heat Training Grant likely to entice more tradespeople into upskilling.

It’s not just heat pumps that are experiencing an upsurge in interest either, biofuels, such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) are also under consideration to be involved in the future energy mix. 

The likes of OFTEC, alongside industry partners, have held demonstration projects to show the viability of HVO for off-grid properties. Oil-heated homes converted to HVO are seeing an emissions reduction of nearly 90%, according to OFTEC.

Also, it’s impossible to overlook hydrogen. Even though a formal decision has yet to be made on its use, many manufacturers are already promoting that their new gas boilers that work with a 20% blend of hydrogen, in the firm expectation that hydrogen blending in the grid is the natural next step for the humble boiler responsible for heating homes across the country for over half a century.

Head to page 25 to find out everything you need to know about the future of heat, with a wealth of informative articles from contributors that include: Energy Systems Catapult, Baxi, Navien, and OFTEC.