Boiler manufacturer Ravenheat is urging householders, specifiers and installers not to be swayed by the high price tag of premium boilers alone, but to consider the whole package.

Louis Pickersgill, managing director of Ravenheat, explained: “Premium boilers of some brands tend to command high prices and many people can be misled into thinking that only these boilers provide the ultimate solution. This is not the case, as there are some very well-built, price-competitive boilers available, complete with substantial warranties, that provide the same level of reliability and performance – if not more.”

Mr Pickersgill went on to warn installers of always relying on the same boiler brand, rather than taking into account other brands that can deliver better performance for less.

“These days, a £200 saving on the purchase of a boiler is certainly not to be ignored and such a saving can help installers secure the job in the first place, as consumers are looking for the best deals around,” he said. “However, installers tend to fall back on the boiler brand they are most familiar with, or the manufacturer that spends the greatest sums on advertising, as they genuinely believe that a competitively priced boiler cannot deliver the same performance.”

Mr Pickersgill concluded: “It is not just about price – it is also about quality, efficiency, performance, service and warranty, and a whole host of other factors. Understanding the advantages will help installers choose wisely.”