Mirrorstone Infrared Panel Heaters provide smart heating options, and opportunities for homeowners to save on space and reduce energy consumption.

IR radiant heat is similar to that produced by the sun and, like the sun, Mirrorstone Panel Heaters immediately heat the objects in a room, not the air as traditional convection heaters do.

Infrared heating could save up to 60% on heating bills when it is used as a replacement for convection. Panel Heaters contain no moving parts, and potentially won’t require any maintenance during their 30-year lifespan.

The panels can be easily installed on a wall or a ceiling by one person as they are just 22mm thick.

Customers can choose any image to be printed onto an Image IR Panel’s PET surface, making the heat source a feature within a room. The range also features stylish Glass IR Panels, Mirrored Panels for the bathroom and Classic White Panels that can be used in suspended ceilings.

Below is a video of how infrared heating works: