The campaign urges consumers to prep their heat pumps as soon as possible to avoid any problems, faults, and unnecessary maintenance costs in the peak of the winter months.

Hamid Salimi, Product Manager Residential at Daikin, explained: “Air source heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular option amongst homeowners to help heat their properties. With more people opting for renewable heating systems to help improve the efficiency of homes, there are a few questions regarding looking after heat pumps in the winter, especially air source heat pumps. 

“In our guide, we’ve listed out some simple steps for homeowners to look after their heat pump in the winter, so they can be confident knowing their heating system is working at maximum efficiency during the cold weather.  We’re also encouraging heat pump installers to help advise their customers on what they need to know and do, to look after their units.” 

From inspecting for damage and leaks, clearing condensation drain and airflow, through to test runs, and annual service checks, the seven helpful steps will help to safeguard operation of heat pumps.

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