Daikin UK has published a White Paper to shed light on the impending minimum energy efficiency requirements under the Ecodesign framework as well as on the extended energy labelling obligations.

The White Paper, New Ecodesign Rules and Energy Labelling for Space and Water Heaters, is designed to help installers and merchants understand the new rules that come into effect on 26 September. These cover both renewable heat pumps and fossil fuel systems and apply minimum seasonal energy efficiency requirements and maximum sound power levels to products with capacities up to and including 400kW.

At the same time, the document explains the new Energy Labelling regulations of heating products with capacities up to and including 70kW.

Understanding how the Ecodesign Directive lowers the environmental impact of space or combination (i.e. space and water) heaters (Lot 1) and reduces that of water heaters and hot water storage tanks (Lot 2) through their improved designs will enable installers to identify and recommend the most efficient products available, and support consumers in making informed choices for their heating and hot water systems.

Additionally, mandatory energy labels for these products will make direct comparisons of energy use and product specific features easier across manufacturers.

Daikin UK’s Altherma range of air-to-water heat pumps will comply with the new design requirements under the Ecodesign Regulation, offering versatile solutions for year-round comfort in any home.