More than half of tradespeople (56%) have revealed that the most common question they are asked by customers is based on the cost of their services, according to research into the industry.

In a poll of tradespeople ranging from electricians, plumbers and heating engineers to builders and gardeners, it was also revealed that just over a fifth of customers were most interested in availability (21%), with the range of services they provide being the third most common question asked (6%).

Other common questions asked by customers included whether the tradesperson could provide references (5%), the source of their materials (5%), if they are a family firm (4%) and if they used apprentices (3%).

The research among 328 tradespeople was conducted by 'HaMuch', a new comparison service designed to help the trades become clearer on price and, as a result, help tradespeople secure work.

In addition to supplying the hourly and daily rates of tradespeople signed up to the free service, HaMuch allows customers to post feedback and rate the particular tradesperson or provider. The website is also a platform for tradespeople to showcase their services.

Tarquin Purdie, Founder and Managing Director of HaMuch, said: "It is clear that cost is a priority for customers when they're looking to hire a tradesperson, given the resounding feedback from those in industry. Availability also factors into the equation, but the general consensus is that pricing is the most common question asked, and can make all the difference to customers when choosing a tradesperson.

"Therefore, being clear on price is proving to be increasingly important and HaMuch has been created to support tradespeople."

Pictured: Tarquin Purdie (left) with Rory O'Neil, of My Plumber Man