Responding to the government’s Review of the UK’s System for the Recall of Unsafe Products, Electrical Safety First has highlighted the need for a more robust system of recalls and urgent action to increase consumer understanding of risk.

“With the limited success of recalls (currently at only 10 to 20% effectiveness) and with well over 200 electrical items recalled in the last four years, it is clear the current system for product recalls needs improvement,” explained Phil Buckle, director general of Electrical Safety First. “When you realise this means millions of recalled items are still in people’s homes, you start to recognise the scale of the problem.”

Last year the Charity published a report, Consumer Voices on Product Recall, which investigated the public perception of recalls, issues with the current system and how recalls and product registration could be improved. The report showed that consumers were wary of registering products as they were concerned their information could be used for marketing, rather than safety purposes.

“We have been raising awareness of the safety issues presented by dangerous recalled electrical goods for some time now,” added Phil Buckle. “So were delighted that the government instigated the Review and we hope it will lead to some much-needed improvements. Without an effective and properly resourced recall system, consumers are being put at risk and business brands and reputations can be badly affected.”

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Picture courtesy of @Shutterstock Gustavo Frazao