Set to commence on 15 April 2024, this week-long event seeks to unite the industry, raise awareness, tackle perceptions, and support employers in combating the skills shortage crisis.

During Construction Skills Shortage Week, On The Tools will provide a dedicated resource centre on its website, offering essential information and resources for tradespeople and businesses. From explainer articles to guide employers through the process of hiring and retaining new entrants to infographics and videos, the resource centre will equip stakeholders with the necessary tools to navigate the challenges posed by the skills shortage.

Through a comprehensive campaign spanning emails, social media, webinars, and traditional media channels (including billboards and posters), On The Tools aims to raise awareness about the skills shortage and advocate for relevant changes to be made. The campaign will highlight the urgency of the issue, targeting not only those within the construction sector but also school leavers, industry transfers, and consumers.

Construction Skills Shortage Week also seeks to address perceptions surrounding careers in construction. By showcasing the valuable opportunities available within the industry, On The Tools aims to attract more individuals to consider a career in construction, thus expanding the pool of potential entrants and alleviating the skills shortage.

Furthermore, the initiative will support employers in onboarding apprentices and new entrants into the industry. Through demystifying the process for business owners and connecting colleges with small businesses, On The Tools aims to facilitate the recruitment and training of the quarter of a million apprentices needed to address the skills shortage.

The launch of Construction Skills Shortage Week will coincide with the release of a white paper report by On The Tools, which examines the causes of the skills shortage, assesses the current apprenticeship system, and proposes informed recommendations to address the issue. The report, along with a month-long campaign including webinars and various resources, will catalyse action and collaboration across stakeholders.

On The Tools invites stakeholders from training bodies, government agencies, employers, and the public to join in championing this cause. CEO and Co-founder of On The Tools, Lee Wilcox, said: “We know how many tradespeople we need to plug the skills shortage, but you can’t build anything on a bad foundation. We needed to go to the boots on the ground to figure out precisely what’s required to get those people on board, and how we can make those changes.

The findings from our report point to the same conclusion – we need to work together to sort this out. We hope that by uniting these key players, Construction Skills Shortage Week will serve as a beacon for attracting newcomers to the industry, so that they may see the construction industry for what it is: an extraordinary opportunity within a phenomenal sector, teeming with unparalleled potential for innovation, growth, and fulfilment.”