The lead-free alpex F50 PROFI SST/CU coupling can be pressed on the metal side with the crimping contours M, V, and SA.

The new alpex F50 PROFI SST/CU coupling ensures the direct connection of multilayer composite pipes with copper and stainless steel pipes, and is therefore a suitable solution for many heat pumps. The users benefit from quick and easy installation, since there is no need for any additional parts – simply press the coupling.

HVAC specialists can press the lead-free coupling on the metal side with the crimping contours M(apress), V(iega) and SA(hna). The alpex pipes can be connected by means of five crimping contours F, U, TH, H, and VP. The fittings allow the connection of multilayer pipes to metal pipe in all frequently used pipe sizes. They are available for copper or stainless steel pipes with a diameter of 15, 18, 22, and 28 mm.

Willi Mattolat, Head of Product Management of the FRÄNKISCHE Building Technology division, said: “The alpex F50 PROFI SST/CU coupling makes it even easier to connect the alpex system to copper and stainless steel. The wide range of press jaws is the system’s particular advantage."

The new coupling also boasts the tried-and-tested advantages of the alpex system. It features four large inspection holes in the fixation ring, which allows distinct verification of correct positioning. Thanks to the leak before press function, the user can see at once whether the coupling has been properly pressed during the pressure test after installation.

The company says the alpex F50 PROFI SST/CU coupling is a perfect addition to the well-established alpex portfolio for drinking water and heating systems, since it is resistant to hot water and is suitable for constant pressure of 10 bar.

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