Clipacore has launched the XPRESSCUT PRO, a 23-piece dry core set, aimed at delivering faster cutting results for trade professionals.

The Xpresscut Pro 23 piece case kit comes with slotted and spiralled 42mm, 52mm, 65mm, 117mm, and 127mm, UK developed diamond-tipped core bits.

Each core bit comes with Clipacore core adaptors/quick release clips and either the SDS or HEX extension bars come with the Clipacore drill adaptors. This means to interchange any of the cores is as simple as plug in and play.

The kit also include the Clipacore waste removal knock out tool, drift key, 12mm A taper guide pin and a 12mm A taper drill bit.

The kit is available from national and independent merchants nationwide.

Ty Harnet of Clipacore said: "Xpresscut Pro was launched due to canvassing the installers needs to equip them with an all-in-one kit where it can be neatly stored and save even more time on the job instead of having to find bits here and there.

"In terms of the one real benefit of this kit, the real value has to be the fact that once you open the case, it's so simple to choose a core without it being a chore.

"No more unscrewing cores with spanners or hitting them with a hammer, this really is a solution to an age-old problem and undeniably promotes better working practises from possible injury to knuckles and without forgetting longevity of expensive equipment – who would not want that!"

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