Carbon Connect, a division of Policy Connect, is launching Future Gas Series, a research project to investigate the opportunities offered by low carbon gas to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, and the policy developments that are required to enable its deployment.

Future Gas Series will officially launch at an event in Westminster on 28 November.

The research project will examine the benefits, difficulties and opportunities for implementing low carbon gas into the existing gas distribution network, all the way through the supply chain to how it will affect consumers and how low carbon gas can be brought into households through the development of compatible appliances.

Callum McCaig MP, SNP Member of Parliament for Aberdeen South and SNP spokesperson on energy and climate change, said: “The Future Gas series is incredibly timely. There is an urgent need for progress in the area of heat decarbonisation and low carbon gas could make a significant contribution to this.”

The series will focus on two types of low carbon gas: hydrogen and biogas. Concerning domestic installation and implementing low carbon gas into households across the country, the series will look at the rights consumers have over the type and quality of their heating systems, as well as what would be required for existing heating and cooking appliances to be replaced or converted on a mass scale.

Additionally, the Future Gas Series will also ask how far consumer choice should be allowed to be exercised in the process of decarbonising heat.

“I am very excited to be involved with Carbon Connect’s Future Gas Series,” said Dr Alan Whitehead MP, Labour Member of Parliament for Southampton Test and Shadow Energy and Climate Change Minister. “This research project will allow us to look in real detail at the potential offered by low carbon gas to supply decarbonised heat. It will also provide the perfect platform for extensive dialogue between experts, key stakeholders and policymakers.”

The Future Gas Series is sponsored by the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers and the Energy and Utilities Alliance, as well as being supported by Worcester, Bosch Group.

For more information on the research project and the upcoming launch event, visit the Policy Connect website.