Chair of the Trust, Baroness Finlay, has tabled an amendment, also supported by Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, which includes the requirement for CO detectors within commercial properties.

There have been recent regulatory improvements in England, Scotland, and Wales which require CO alarms to be fitted in all rented homes with gas boilers and oil burners. The amendment tabled by Baroness Finlay, and Lord Hunt, would fill an important gap in the legislation, covering commercial property.

Baroness Finlay said. “I welcome the renewed focus on safety within the area of building safety policy and support the requirements for construction and materials. However, we cannot afford to miss this opportunity to extend the scope of requirements for CO alarms which will ultimately protect more people. The issue of poor indoor air quality must be recognised as having an impact on health and wellbeing.”

Lord Hunt, who is supporting the amendment said. “The issue of indoor air quality is now more critical than ever and must be a primary consideration for this bill. I fully support the amendment to include CO alarms within commercial properties, to bring the legislation in line with residential properties. The issue of poor air quality and the effect on health within the built environment is the same, whether that is within residential properties or commercial. People need to be aware of the risks."

Much of the innovation and policy making in the built environment has focused on new buildings and the introduction of expensive technologies to reduce the environmental impact.

The CO Research Trust recognises that there is a difficult balance to be managed in housing policy, of health, affordability, and housing access and environmental sustainability.

However, there are no safe levels of air pollution. Air pollutants are present in every home and place of work. The amendment tabled by Baroness Finlay and Lord Hunt will help to make health a priority.

Baroness Finlay continues: “We have an opportunity with the Building Safety Bill to ensure that health remains at the heart of housing policy in the UK.”