Members of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) now include access to the online TenderSpace platform, with the advanced tools available at a heavily discounted subscription rate.

Created to help plumbing and heating contractors manage, grow and protect their businesses, TenderSpace makes it easier for CIPHE members to collaborate and connect with everyone involved in property and construction.

As a member, it allows you to protect your business by using its credit rating tool, ensures your business maintains a healthy cash-flow and will grow your business by finding new and unique work opportunities.

With TenderSpace you can access tens of thousands of planning leads and public sector jobs to help you grow your business. You can also use the tool to collaborate and ask to be part of projects at the feasibility and design stage, giving you a unique competitive advantage.

Members can join TenderSpace for free and can then choose to upgrade their subscription - with the CIPHE exclusive offer - whenever they need more advanced services. With subscriptions normally costing £280 for 12 months, CIPHE members pay just £70, which includes 20 free Credit Checks - comfortably worth in excess of £100.

CIPHE Membership Director Tim Sainty commented, “It’s a pleasure to have TenderSpace on board with us, as we continue to expand our range of membership benefits. This new partnership brings real business advantages to our members; from those who are looking to expand, to those who simply want to get paid on time. With a massive discount of £210 on offer, that saving alone is well in excess of the cost of CIPHE membership fee. With this and more partnerships in the pipeline, the advantages of CIPHE membership have never been greater.”