Bathroom installations can be lucrative for installers, providing the opportunity to impress a customer with a practical design and high standard of finish. Paul Brookes looks at the issues that must be taken into account to ensure professional results

The difference between a standard job and a really professional finish lies in the attention to detail.

It might sound obvious, but successful results really do depend on whether or not you have met the customer’s needs and expectations. At the point where you have been asked to quote for a bathroom installation – make sure you get as much information as possible.

For example, what is the bathroom’s intended use going to be? Finding out if it is going to be the main family bathroom or an en-suite can help determine whether or not the right type of bathroom is actually selected.

Also, a customer’s individual taste is going to play a big part in whether or not they are happy with their bathroom. Therefore, it is worthwhile taking the time to find out if they prefer showers to baths, if they have a particular style of bathroom suite in mind – do they prefer modern aesthetics or a classic look and feel?

Practical Precautions

A professional installer should also be highlighting to customers any practical issues they need to take into account. Before providing a quote, it is worthwhile checking whether or not the bathroom is on the household plumbing system or if it has or will need a separate system. This will of course have a significant impact on costs so ensuring this is factored in from the outset is a must.

In addition, installers would be well advised to find out if young children, elderly or infirm family members are going to be using the bathroom. If this is the case, then there is a wealth of products specifically designed to cater for these users, which can be put forward.

Saving Space

For the majority of customers, maximising space is going to be a top priority. As an installer, take into account how to offer customers more space through the selection of the suite itself. Show potential customers the range of wall hung WCs and basins available to them – as these are an ideal method of maximising space in small bathrooms. Shower baths have also become increasingly popular for this very reason, helping to incorporate both bathing options.

Storage is also an important issue that a professional installer should raise. This is often completely missed in the planning process and when spending money on an ultra modern bathroom with clean and contemporary lines – the last thing a customer will want is to ruin the aesthetics with lots of products on display. The majority of bathroom manufacturers offer a wide range of storage solutions, helping to ensure the bathroom is kept tidy and the overall aesthetic isn’t diminished.


Environmental Factors

Installers should also find customers becoming more open toward products and systems that are good for the environment, which can also help them save money in the long-term.

When compared to traditional radiators and towel rails, underfloor heating systems can offer comfort as well as an efficient method of heating. In addition, water saving devices can be worthwhile recommending such as water saving showerheads, flow regulators, low flush and dual flush toilets.

Although, some options might be outside of the customer’s original budget, with many households facing rising costs in living, ways of reducing long-term costs are now looked upon more favourably. In addition, from an installer’s perspective, putting forward products such as these can help to increase the overall value of the job.

A Suite Selection

Undoubtedly, the final choice of bathroom suite will have the single, biggest impact on the overall success of the job. All customers will expect high quality and the good news for installers is that today it is possible to provide this without significantly reducing your own profit margin.

Showrooms can really fulfil a vital role when it comes to helping your customers select the right bathroom suite. Graham’s own Bathroom Showrooms are located around the UK and are home to all the bathroom brands, with suites in room set displays to ensure customers can visualise the look and feel of the suite.

Installers who want to set themselves apart from the competition would be well advised to take advantage of experienced showroom consultants, who can take an installers’ own customers step by step through the process of selecting a bathroom - helping to secure vital business and ensure at the end of the day – you have a satisfied customer.

Paul Brookes is category manager for bathrooms at Graham