With upgrades to its established and popular Easyfit range, plus new Pull Out taps and technology enabled enhancements, Bristan’s updated kitchen tap product offer ensures installers have all options covered to meet customers needs, the company says.

First launched over six years ago, Bristan’s Easyfit range is well established solution for installers due to the speed and ease of installation. Specifically designed to address the challenge of kitchen taps being notoriously fiddly to replace, Easyfit makes light work of every kitchen tap installation with its Top Fix technology and five step process which means kitchen taps can be fitted in a matter of minutes.

Adding to the existing product line up for 2024 will be five new designs – Acorn, Fern, Maple, Spruce, and Spine, together with new finishes to existing products – Renaissance, Raspberry, Monza, Echo, and Cashew.  It means in total the Easyfit Kitchen Tap collection now features 20 product styles in a range of trend-led finishes, including Bristan’s signature chrome, stainless steel, black, brushed brass, gun metal and brushed nickel.

In Bristan’s Pull Out kitchen tap range, new for 2024 is the addition of five new designs – Axia, Jule, Sabre, Silhouette and Profile, taking the range line up to nine distinctive product options.

A key benefit for 2024 will be the introduction of Bristan’s innovative Eco Start and Thermaclick technology which features in selective products offering increased environmental and safety benefits respectively.  

The Eco Start feature, available in Maple, Spruce and Pine Easyfit taps and Axia, Jule and Sabre Pull Out kitchen taps, saves energy by ensuring cold water is set as the default central start position of the tap handle, meaning that hot water is only activated when the tap lever is moved from the central position and reduces unnecessary demand on hot water heating systems and energy usage.

The Thermaclick feature, available in Maple, Spruce, and Pine Easyfit taps, provides enhanced safety feature through the addition of a mid-point click that indicates when the water has reached the optimal temperature for washing your hands — ensuring a safe and comfortable handwashing experience every time.

Chris Heath, Kitchen Tap Category Manager at Bristan, said: “We want to maintain Bristan’s kitchen tap range as being the go-to product choice for installers. So, we’re incredibly excited to introduce new additions to our collection, including new Easyfit and Pull Out taps.

“As with all our products, the new designs have been rigorously tested and will be supported by our exceptional guarantees. With our kitchen tap ranges, however, installers can get the very best of Bristan as they’re well-priced, easy to fit, and built to last.”

The new additions to Bristan’s kitchen tap range are available to purchase now.


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