Bott Smartvan is on a mission to enable the trade to get more out of their vans and, in this article, the company shares how investing in your van can reap strong dividends for your business.

How much time do you spend in your van? Probably quite a lot, it’s your biggest tool box, your transport, your mobile office, and the public face of your business. Yet, how much time do you spend thinking about how you use your van?

Here are a few key tips we’ve learned over the years of working with tradespeople and their vans, and engineering products to make their lives easier.

Your biggest tool box

How much value are you carrying in your van? It all adds up; high end power tools, parts, and consumables, plus those go-to tools you use all time. For many tradespeople, there is a five-figure sum sitting in the back of their van.

Keeping this tidy and organised is not easy. The challenge is to make the most out of every bit of space, making sure you can find the tools and parts you need at a glance and still leave space for those bigger items.

Save time and money

The savings of investing in a quality in-vehicle storage system soon add up – less lost and damaged parts and less wasted time can go a long way to making your job easier.

Let’s explore this. It’s easy to spend an hour a week hunting for tools and parts in your van or making unplanned trips to buy that key missing part needed to complete the job.

In addition to the time wasted, there’s the cost; it’s easy to misplace £50 worth of parts in your van each month. If we assume a charge out cost of £60 an hour then, over a year, you’re looking at about £3,000 to cover lost revenue and missing and damaged parts. Given that most users keep a van racking system for at least four years, the payback is huge.



Showroom for your business

Your van reflects the ethos and attitude of your business, and customers get this. If the van is well organised and tidy, it makes sense that the work will follow the same pattern.

It’s fair to say that, when customers buy services from the trade, they’re putting their trust in your expertise and experience. By clearly demonstrating your professional approach they can be sure that they’re investing in the best, and can be confident of excellent work.

Your mobile office

As well as being your workshop, your van needs to be your office, enabling you to conduct your business on the move and minimise wasted time and effort. With most tradespeople travelling hundreds of miles each week, many of you will spend as much time in your van as you do at home.

We have a range of accessories that make the front of your van an equally organised and tidy workplace.

How Bott Smartvan can help

We want the trade to get more out of their vans. To enable this, we’ve developed our no drill van racking, which can be customised to your needs using our online design tool. The system aims to get the most out of your space, protect your tools and find that key part quickly.

It’s also simple to fit and requires absolutely no drilling into the van. We don’t stop at racking though; our comprehensive range of security and organisation products, along with other key accessories, can help you get the most out of your van.

Visit today and find out how our solutions could make your job easier.