BoilerMag has enhanced the BoilerMag XT industrial boiler filter to include an automatic air vent which will greatly reduce the potentially damaging effects of air accumulating in a heating system.

Air facilitates the process of oxidisation, which in turn causes corrosion; a common cause of cold spots in radiators, circulation problems and system inefficiency.

Whilst manual venting is commonplace, it relies on the service engineer to release air that could have been in the system for months, risking the build-up of corrosion. This useful product development to BoilerMag’s industrial heating system filter enables the filter to be used as an air release point. It will therefore, be of particular use to maintenance engineers and property owners, enabling them to ensure that heating systems are kept air free. The fitting of the automatic air vent also enables the XT range to satisfy specification requests for ‘air and dirt’ separator requests.

Steve McAllorum, Sales and Marketing Director for BoilerMag said: “This is a great step forward for the BoilerMag XT. The new auto-venting system enables the filter to automatically release air, not only reducing maintenance needs but solving the plethora of problems caused by air building up in a system. Having listened to various contractors and major outlet points, adding the automatic air vent was the logical next step in positioning the XT range as one of the most effective filtration devices that can be fitted to industrial heating and cooling systems.”

The new and improved BoilerMag is now available from branches of BSS and Pipe Centre branches, and is ideal for larger heating systems. It effectively prevents the build-up of ferrous oxide and scale, therefore reducing energy bills, increasing boiler life, and reducing maintenance call outs. Easy to install and now even easier to maintain, the BoilerMag XT is available in a range of sizes from 2” to 12” and has an operating pressure of up to 12 bar.