Baxi has welcomed the HHIC’s decision to launch a retrospective boiler-labelling scheme. The scheme aims to increase consumer awareness about boiler efficiencies and performance, and to highlight to consumers that upgrading old, inefficient boilers will reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Jeff House, regulatory marketing manager at Baxi, said: “There are approximately nine million inefficient boilers in the UK, a large proportion of which are over 20 years old. In comparison to modern condensing boilers, they cost homeowners more to run, and cost the planet because of the higher carbon emissions.

“Upgrading the efficiency of UK boiler stock would have a significant impact on the UK’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions; replacing a Band F or G boiler with an A-rated appliance could reduce the carbon footprint of a typical UK household by 0.7 tonnes of CO2 each year, and would reduce gas bills by approximately £150.”

The voluntary retrospective labelling scheme launched by the HHIC will involve heating engineers applying a pre-completed label to any existing, inefficient, permanent pilot light boilers that they service or repair.

The label is similar to the EU energy label that is now supplied with boilers of up to 70kw through the Energy Labelling Directive and is designed to help homeowners to quickly and easily assess how efficient their boiler is, and whether it would be worthwhile to replace it with a modern, condensing equivalent.

Mr House continued: “Consumers are already very familiar with energy labels, with them being found on domestic appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. The Energy Labelling Directive and other energy label schemes have proven that consumers do react to clear label ratings, and respond to them by trying to maximise their efficiency.

“Baxi is strongly supportive of the HHIC retrospective labelling scheme, and we are committed to bringing it to fruition. It represents an easy, straightforward way to highlight boiler inefficiencies to consumers, who in turn can take action to reduce their fuel bills and help the environment. It should also increase demand for new boilers, resulting in business growth for heating engineers.”

Baxi will work with heating engineers to help them adopt the labelling scheme, so that it becomes a standard part of their service and repair work. The company will provide HHIC retrospective labels to installers who are members of its Baxi Works loyalty scheme free of charge, to help increase their boiler installation and servicing work and grow their businesses.