Boiler manufacturer Baxi has joined Carbon Connect, an independent, cross-party forum that aims to inform and guide the transition to a low carbon future underpinned by sustainable energy.

Together with its members and a variety of sector experts, Carbon Connect analyses the opportunities and challenges presented by moves to a low carbon future, and provides a platform for discussion between industry, academia and policymakers.

It has built up an unrivalled portfolio of parliamentary roundtables and conferences, detailed policy briefings, research and highly respected reports by drawing on the expertise of Carbon Connect members, which include manufacturers, low carbon industries and chartered professional bodies. It also works with politicians, civil servants, business leaders and academic experts.

As a member, Baxi will be actively taking part in a programme of events and meetings in Parliament, and supporting and contributing to policy research. Jeff House (pictured), regulatory marketing manager at Baxi, said: “Through our continued activity in this area, Baxi is helping shape the future of heating, and we continually work with industry colleagues to help implement and improve associated policy. Joining Carbon Connect will put Baxi at the forefront of important discussions that affect the heating industry, and will enable us to contribute further to the debate.

“Carbon Connect is currently undertaking a cross-party research project to investigate the opportunities offered by low carbon gas and how policy can support it. In particular, it is investigating how low carbon gas can contribute to heat decarbonisation and help the UK to meet 2050 emission targets.

“The project will examine issues related to the gas distribution network and local storage, the production and bulk storage of low carbon gas, consumer challenges and the development of compatible appliances. As a leading gas boiler manufacturer that has been in business for over 150 years, it is essential for us to be part of these discussions, and we are proud to support research like this.”