The company's expanded commercial heat pump offering, now backed with a design guidance service from its technical solutions team, will be supported by a high temperature R290 (propane) heat pump range later this year.

Baxi’s new air to water Auriga Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) series can achieve temperatures of up to 60°C with reduced global warming potential (GWP) due to the R32 refrigerant.

Available in single outputs of 20kW, 26kW, 33kW, and 40kW, with cascade options of up to 320kW, the new Auriga series offers design flexibility for commercial buildings of all sizes.

As part of the new Auriga range, Baxi has launched a series of Auriga-compatible cascade and hybrid controls to maximise system efficiency. The new Baxi Commercial HVAC (CHVAC) Manager offers modular and flexible control of hybrid heating systems, with the option to cascade up to eight heat generators (either eight ASHPs or a combination of ASHPs and boilers). The new Auriga indoor controller is designed for simple ASHP cascade system control. The new Baxi VM-T controller can be used as an extension to increase the number of secondary zones controlled.

The CHVAC Manager also enables connection to a BMS through Modbus or 0-10V for full remote monitoring and system optimisation.

James Matthews, Director of Building Solutions at Baxi, said: “Our new Baxi Auriga ASHP has been designed with efficiency, occupant comfort and design flexibility in mind. Its excellent seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of up to 4.83 at W35 is combined with quiet operation and sound power of less than 65 dBA.

“To help tackle the decarbonisation challenge and ensure optimal whole-life benefit from ASHPs, we have evolved our commercial customer support service as well as our heat pump range. At the outset, our technical sales team work collaboratively with our customers to understand their project goals, scoping out potential solutions and feasibility studies.

“Following this initial assessment, our newly formed technical solutions team support our customers with system design, system sizing and simulation testing to assess solution suitability against the project requirements.

“By partnering with customers at the early stages, we can not only supply the required ASHP system components, but the precise, validated advice, backed with predicted energy and carbon savings and capital expenditure modelling, that will help make the switch to ASHPs more seamless.”

Designed, manufactured and tested at Baxi’s dedicated commercial heat pump facility in Vilafranca, Spain, Baxi’s new Auriga series comes with full Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) to help customers assess the embodied carbon of their projects.

The Auriga is backed with a parts and labour warranty of up to five years when commissioned by Baxi or a Baxi-authorised engineer. The Auriga is available to quote now, for July delivery.

Features and benefits at a glance:

  • High seasonal efficiency – SCoP from 3.33 (20 kW, W55) to 4.83 (33 kW, W35)
  • Greater compressor efficiency – the inverter driven scroll compressor enables modulation down to 13%, increasing efficiency still further
  • Low noise operation – 65? dBA (noise pressure at 5m is 43 dBA)
  • Full remote monitoring and system optimisation capability – BMS connectivity via ModBus or 0-10V
  • Cascade and hybrid system compatibility – new expanded range of controls to complement our Auriga ASHP series


  • Auriga HP 20T: 1,276 mm (h) x 1,612mm (w) x 669 mm (d). Weight: 270 kg
  • Auriga HP 26T: 1,276 mm (h) x 1,612 mm (w) x 669 mm (d). Weight: 271 kg
  • Auriga HP 33T: 1,581 mm (h) x 1,882 mm (w) x 683 mm (d). Weight: 360 kg
  • Auriga HP 40T: 1,581 mm (h) x 1,882 mm (w) x 683 mm (d). Weight: 362 kg

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