Speaking at the Hydrogen Transition Summit in Glasgow, on the fringe of COP26, Karen Boswell OBE, said more ambition needed to be shown to ensure hydrogen can take the place of natural gas in UK homes.

Baxi is currently demonstrating a hydrogen boiler as part of the UK government’s Hy4Heat programme in Low Thornley near Gateshead. The boiler produces no greenhouse gases at the point of use

The UK government currently foresees a potential rollout of hydrogen ready boilers from 2026. Hydrogen ready boilers initially use natural gas but can be easily converted to use hydrogen as a fuel.

Under current plans, the first hydrogen town could be supported with a hydrogen grid by 2030.

Boswell said: “The infrastructure, in our view, will need to move even more quickly in order to get this market going.

“Heat pumps will work in some buildings, heat networks in others but hydrogen represents a strong opportunity to solve this complex puzzle.

“If production is ramped up enough, there are no limits on the number of homes on the current gas grid that could be converted over to utilise hydrogen. This is a race in which every horse needs to be backed.”

Baxi said that it would support the reskilling of installers who will help customers to make the right decisions about low-carbon technology as it is rolled out.