Barlo Radiators has launched an augmented reality (AR) app to help consumers visualise products before they buy them, and help installers specify correctly, as well as a video guide to help get the most out of the app

The Barlo Designer Radiator app has been created specifically with installers in mind, presenting them with a unique sales tool to add value when communicating with customers. Through the touch of a button, installers can show customers how multiple styles, sizes, and colours could impact on the aesthetic of their rooms.

Check out the video above to see how the app works, and how it can help you add something new to your customer service.

Richard Wheeler, Product Strategy Manager at Barlo Radiators, said: “We want to give installers and end-users the ability to visualise what radiator styles would look like in a particular setting in any room of the house, confident in the knowledge that, by choosing Barlo, they’re also getting the best heat outputs on the market.

“Through the app, users can browse our designer radiator range and use their smartphone’s camera to see exactly how specific models would look on the wall in front of them. They can even try different sizes and colours in an instant, making the app a great sales tool for installers – whether they’re specifying for a direct designer replacement or offering an upgrade from a standard panel emitter.”

As well as creating AR visuals, installers can use the app to send quotes to customers with the ability to include their logo. It also features a heat loss calculator to quickly calculate a room’s BTU requirement, as well as a store locator, with information on where they can find their nearest Barlo radiator stockist.

The Barlo Designer Radiator app is now live on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.