BSRIA has warned stove manufacturers of coming changes to government legislation surrounding the testing of solid fuel-fired room heaters, such as stoves, for CE marking and DEFRA smoke tests.

The standard BSEN 13240 is being replaced by BSEN 16510, under the Eco Design Directive 2009 / 1185 / 6. The new legislation will be implemented in September 2018, with the deadline for testing emissions limits being set as September 2022.

Allan Wilson, senior test engineer at BSRIA, said: "This legislative change is coming down the tracks fast – anyone involved in the stoves supply chain needs to act fast in order to be ready. Old stock will, as a minimum, need to be re-tested and, in some cases, become obsolete. BSRIA appreciates that this is a heavy burden on manufacturers – especially if they choose not to comply. The limits are very stringent."

Currently, the standard stipulates 1.0% carbon monoxide present in the flue. Under the new standard this will change to 0.12%.

Mr Wilson continued: "As an industry, we must get ready for the future! I can’t emphasis enough how the targets are going to be moved to far more rigorous levels. Within the full range of the regulation, emissions and appliance labelling must be stipulated. Document verification must also be more detailed.”