The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has completely revised its primary guidance document for kitchen ventilation design.

The Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems (DW/172), which was first published by the Association in 1999, has sold more than 6,000 copies since its last revision in 2005 and has now been completely revamped and updated.

Originally titled the ‘Standard for Kitchen Ventilation Systems’ (DW/171) when it was introduced by what was then called the HVCA, it was revised as a specification document and rebadged DW/172 at its last revision 13 years ago.

The BESA Ventilation Group has now completed a thorough review and has made a series of amendments and clarifications. These include a significantly expanded and modified coefficient schedule, which provides ventilation system designers with a fuel coefficient for a range of gas or electric appliances. This is then multiplied by the area of the equipment to produce the appropriate airflow for design purposes.

The revised publication also contains a new section on solid fuel equipment and the lighting section has been completely updated.

Peter Rogers, Chairman of BESA’s Ventilation Group technical committee, said: “As well as the wealth of new information contained in the revision, all the existing sections have been revised and updated in the hope and expectation that DW/172 will continue to be widely used and respected by all parts of the catering industry.”

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