The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has said that it is currently exploring a possible extension of Boiler Plus.

At an event held in London by Baxi and Ecuity Consulting to coincide with the launch of Boiler Plus today, Aaron Gould, Senior Policy Advisor at BEIS, said the department has discussed the idea of a 'Boiler Plus Plus' which could build upon the existing Boiler Plus framework.

Under Boiler Plus, all boilers installed in UK homes now have to meet a heating efficiency of 92% ErP, and combi boiler installations must include one of the following additional energy saving measures:

  • Weather compensation

  • Load compensation

  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery

  • Smart control with automation and optimisation

He said: "We've come pretty close to the limits of what you can do with the efficiency of a boiler, so we don't have plans to raise those standards further, but given the opportunity we could consider extending them so that the energy saving measures apply to all gas boilers, not just the combis."

The BEIS Senior Policy Advisor also stated that BEIS intends to evaluate the impact of Boiler Plus after one year and five years of implementation.

"In five years we will be conducting a more comprehensive evaluation and a report on the carbon saved and the reduction consumers will have seen in their bills," he added.