Arctic Hayes has launched a new range of testing equipment, compromised of 16 products across temperature, electrical, and gas and pressure testing.

Each of the 16 products have been upgraded, seeing increased functionality and overall specification, longer product life cycles, a more modern design and finish and the introduction of more sustainably sourced materials; this includes a reduction of plastic within the packaging with a view run down and eliminate blister packaging entirely, over time.

For example, the (AHKT1) Differential Dual Input Thermometer Kit is an entirely new concept, that compromises of the seven following products: 1 x Dual Input Thermometer (AHTH), 1 x Surface Temperature Probe (TPS1), 1 x Air & Liquid Temperature Probe (TPA1), 2 x Pipe Clamp, Temperature Probes (TPPC1), 2 x 1m K-Type Thermocouple Wires (TC1). In addition to the aforementioned upgrades, this kit also benefits from a new, heavy duty carry case with thick protective foam.

Another product that is seeing increasing popularity is the (AH116) Professional Digital Multimeter with Temperature Function. This auto-ranging multimeter with a built-in temperature function also features a new input jack LED indicator, ensuring correct connection of leads.

Every product in the range has been designed with the end-user, and their goals, in mind; with perceivably insignificant details making all the difference to this revamped range. The looming implications of Brexit were also factored in at the initial R&D stage, meaning that compliance and the import of materials were addressed early on. Every upgrade has been considered from an end-user ‘on the job’ perspective and this is evident across the range.

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